8 Dimensional Educator turning wheel

R175.00 R150.00

This tool is for teachers to assist you with achieving better educational results.

Although money can’t buy education, we want to assist and develop as many people as possible by using our tools for empowerment at a low cost of only R150 per educational turning wheel.

Start to turn and learn for all educators.



Welcome to exploring Turn 2 Learn teaching and learning.  I hope you will enjoy this experience, do remember “practice makes permanent”.  This being said, the author of the tools is an experienced educator with 42 years of experience in the teaching and learning environment from grade R R  to post graduate level.

All relevant Whole Brain tools will be explained individually in order to ensure that the correct outcomes are achieved. Are you ready for a 360 degree experience?


This turn 2 learn Tool consist of a two sided base with a cover which reveals 8 different sectors when turned in 360 degrees.

The main content deals with the NBI Brain Profile outcomes as seen for Educators. It  expresses the preferences of the eight dimensions of the human brain and the reverse side of this tool deals with the 5 most important teaching and learning aspects for all teachers or parents of home schooling. This is a must for all educators or trainers.


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Eductional Turning Wheels

English language and other subjects including Maths,Afrikaans and Accounting